Welcome. Like many aspiring writers, I decided that it was time to become more serious about my writing. For me, that meant creating a home for my writing. Good, bad or ugly, here’s the proof that creativity lives inside of my head.  I have always loved writing but am thinking about it more seriously with my …yes..aging years. 

I write a blog for my business and also write a blog called Sjodry and Parched. It is about my day-to-day journey with a pesky autoimmune disease called Sjogren’s Syndrome. Sjogren’s in and of itself is not funny..but I always seem to find humor in everything including chronic illness.

My writing voice has always presented itself in a humorous conversational tone (no matter how hard I try to be serious). My writing hero and role model was/is Erma Bombeck.  If I had even a small amount of her incredible and beyond creative writing genius…well…then I could retire to writing full-time.

I hope your time here will bring a smile somewhere along the way.