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It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time..

There Is NO Substitute For THIN MINT Cookies

It’s almost here! Girl Scout Cookie time. The time when excited Girl Scouts, Brownies and their Moms stand in front of the grocery store at a table selling the globally popular & delicious, Girl Scout Cookies. I think it is safe to say that almost everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies. The Thin Mint Cookies are universally a frequent favorite for most people. I can happily testify that the ultimate way to eat a Thin Mint cookie (or 12) is straight from the freezer. I am not sure how many cookies come in a sleeve, but I am confident that I can blissfully down a whole sleeve within moments…and still want more.

Lasting Memories Of My Brownie/Girl Scout Experience

If you’re a Baby Boomer, it is likely that you had the experience of being either a Daisy, a Brownie, or a Girl Scout (or all three). My Girl Scout journey started as a Brownie at the age of 7 years old. My competitive streak started long before the age of 7, but was well established when my Brownie Troop announced that there would be a contest to see who could sell the most Girl Scout Cookies. I giggled with excitement, because I knew that I could win the contest. And yes, my over-confidence was well established at that time also.

                               Here I Come!

With my exploding enthusiasm, I launched into an all-encompassing sales attack. I made my pitch to every neighbor in sight and even those who were not. Back in that day and time, kids could stay outside until dark and wander all over a wide expanse of their neighborhood territory without fear of abduction. Being the helpful Mom that she is, my Mother took my Girl Scout Cookie sign-up sheet to work with her to solicit orders from her co-workers. Driven with the goal of winning the contest, one forgets that all of those boxes of cookies have to be delivered also.  Yes, delivery is definitely not the fun part of Girl Scout cookie sales.

And The Winner Is..

Well of course it was me. I smiled from ear to ear as my Brownie Leader announced that I had sold 105 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and as such, was the winner of the wonderful prize of attending Girl Scout Camp For A Day. For days I was beyond excited. Finally, I had arrived at the day before my journey to Camp For A Day.  As I laid in bed contemplating my day of fun the next day, I was giddy and could not close my eyes. In spite of my lack of sleep, I bound out of bed the next morning, ready to ride the bus to our camp destination.

AND..What A Sing-Along Ride It Was


As all Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts do, we were lead in a rousing repertoire of sing-along tunes. Of course we sang about making new friends and keeping the old while we made hand motions to accompany the song. We belted out every verse of the Wheels On The Bus and of course sweetly sang the spiritual campfire song, Kumbaya. I was as they say, “a happy camper” up to this point. And then it happened. The group started to sing a song that I was unfamiliar with. As anyone who doesn’t know the words does, I mumbled along singing a few random words here or there. But imagine my shock when the entire group came to the last verse. It went like this: ” Now that is the end, the end of my story, story. That is the end, the end of my story story. Everything is (clap once) hunky dory, dory. Child..ren.. of the. Lo’rd.

You may be asking yourself why I had a shocked reaction? Let me explain. As parents throughout time have done, in an effort to simplify the family anatomy discussion, my parents had labeled my female privates with an anatomically incorrect term. You guessed it! The name ‘hunky dory’ was a private family descriptor in my family. I was beyond horrified when the entire bus began to sing about a Hunky Dory. I mean afterall, that was a very private term that was reserved for behind family doors…or so I thought. This began the first part of my unforgettable day at Girl Scout Camp.

Let The Fun Begin

Maybe it was the length of the long bus ride, or perhaps it was the stress of hearing forbidden words being being loudly belted out, but I arrived at the camp with a bladder that was about to burst. But as all organized Girl Scout Troop Leaders do, we were ushered off the bus in an orderly fashion and directed to various parts of the landscape where different activities were taking place.  I think that it is important for me to point out the irony of my situation. Here I was, an eager young Brownie who boldly and persuasively sold several boxes of cookies to win a contest. Yet, upon arrival, I somehow turned into a timid little bunny. Was it the forbidden bus song that threw me into a supreme lack of confidence, so much so that I could not even ask where a restroom was? I had certainly never before been afraid to speak up about..well anything. And then it happened..despite my efforts of restraint, my bladder, in a slow leak attack, won the battle.

Poor Little Introverted Brownie

Once again, I was horrified. I didn’t want to move. I thought if I just stood there like a statue that no one would discover my very graphic secret. Sadly, I watched as all of my fellow Brownies and Girl Scouts happily participated with the day’s events. They squealed with an infectious laughter which beckoned me to join in the fun. But I could not. Various leaders squatted down to softly encourage the timid and shy Brownie to participate, assuring me that I would have fun if I just tried it. But I shook my head no and refused to join. To say I was discouraged would be an understatement. It was more like crushed. I had worked hard for this day. I had dreamed and looked forward to this day.  And here I was, uncomfortably standing in wet pants on the sidelines, unable to enjoy the day that I had worked so hard to earn.

The Bus Ride Home Was A Long One

The bus ride home was probably longer for me than for anyone else. My fellow scouts chattered away about the fun they had, some holding ribbons of distinction. I sat there watching the trees whiz past me, just as quickly as my day of fun had disappeared. When I arrived home, I was met at the bus stop with my Mom and sisters. They excitedly asked me if I had fun. I mumbled that I had, but it was probably evident that something was amiss. I incredulously shared the story of how everyone on the bus began clapping and singing about Hunky Dories. I expected my mom to react with the horror that I had, but she suddenly started laughing. I was confused, this was no laughing matter. I mean it was one thing for a mom to say behind closed doors, or to even whisper, but to deliberately sing loudly about one’s hunky dory was beyond my comprehension. It was at this point in my shell-shocked life that I finally received the correct definition of hunky dory and learned that most folks don’t use hunky dory as a term for their anatomy.

Lasting Lessons And The Girl Scout Legacy

Thankfully the Girl Scouts offered many enjoyable and wholesome learning experiences for me through the years.  But the Girl Scout Legacy which has stood the test of time, is their wonderful contribution of Girl Scout Cookies. Eating Girl Scout cookies as an adult always makes me nostalgic and takes me back to those simpler times. I will never forget my prize-winning day at camp..I guess it can best be summed up in two words..

Hunky Dory