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One Toke Over The Line..

Looking For Answers



I couldn’t resist a little Mar-i-joo-wana humor with my blog post title. It has been wayyyy too long since my last post. Mostly I have spent the last several months getting my mom moved from Florida to Pittsburgh and into a wonderful senior community nearby. I have spent the majority of my time trying to get mom established with new doctors; nail salon; banking and all of the necessities of life.

It became apparent many months ago, that mom had dementia and would require a much stronger level of care and support. We learned recently that she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and have begun some recommended medications. After running into (for lack of a better word/phrase) an institutional snag in trying to obtain a medication for her anxiety, I started researching medical marijuana. The information and studies I looked at indicated that medical marijuana would help chronic pain, anxiety, help to slow the progression of neurodegenerative disease and help with sleep. Bingo, I was sold and decided to go this route in helping mom to feel better. Now granted I have tried her on CBD oil and Kratom (several types of each), but they were of  limited help.

Off We Go..

MM card


So what was next? A trip to see the medical marijuana doctor with documentation of mom’s approved medical conditions. Now let me just say that Alzheimer’s is a very sad disease. We have already lived through the loss of one family member with this terrible disease and are now faced with it again. And I, in no way, would ever wish to sound disrespectful of my mom’s condition, but the reality is that this dementia creates some scenarios and moments which you can’t help but to laugh at. Our visit to the medical marijuana doctor, was one such day.

As we sat in two office chairs in front of a desk while the young man processed mom’s payment for the visit, I noticed mom looking around the room at various pictures and things on the wall. To my left was a  sign which contained a colorful list of all of the qualifying conditions in Pennsylvania for obtaining one’s medical marijuana card. Mom said (loud enough for all to hear in the room), Sandy, I would like to have one of those. I looked to my left to see what she was referring to and back at her and said, ” You want a sign like that? ” Yes, she said I would like to have one of those for my house. Resisting the urge to laugh, I asked her why she wanted one? She responded that she just liked it. With all of the seriousness I could muster, I said, “Well mom, ya know that won’t really go with any of your stuff..it just wouldn’t match”. She seemed to accept that and let the request drop.

We were then ushered into the doctor’s office. The doctor reviewed my mom’s documentation from her previous doctor and questioned her about her medical issues. After completing the discussion of her complaints, the doctor began to explain to us that there were several strains and types of marijuana. He told us that the Pharmacist would work closely with us to determine the right types and dosage and assured mom that she did not have to smoke it. He then started to describe a few of the types of medical marijuana. He told us that there were some strains that really help with pain. There are some types which help with anxiety. And lastly, he said, and there are some types which can just make you feel happy and euphoric. As soon as he completed that statement, Mom loudly declared, ” I want that one! “ The doctor and I both laughed.



The Path To Pain-Free Living

The medical office explained to us that we would need to sign mom up on the PA. Dept of Health website to obtain the medical marijuana card (after the medical office sent their documentation. However, we had one small problem. Mom had just moved from Florida to PA. and had no valid PA ID. Oh easy, I thought..I will just grab her necessary identifications and head to the local PA DOT office. Oops..one more snag…I couldn’t find Mom’s social security card and mom had no clue where it was. This required us to go sit in the social security office for a ridiculously long time to get a replacement social security card. The card came within a week and off we went to PA DOT. I was pleasantly surprised that the PA DOT office had become far more efficient than in my previous visits.  We were successful in getting her new PA ID completed and submitted her ID to the medical office. The medical office submitted all of their paperwork to the Dept. of Health and we were finally able to make payment yesterday on the coveted $50.00 medical marijuana card. So now we are waiting to receive her card.

Next Stop…The Dispensary

monopoly guy with mm


We’re getting closer. Soon we will receive her card and go visit our first medical marijuana dispensary. I am trying to stop this naggy (hopefully irrational fear) that some criminal element will  be sitting in their car near the dispensary waiting to rob 2 old women of their new stash. In a conversation with my son, he asked if I would be getting her some “edibles”. That’s a big NO. My mom’s tastes have changed and she adores eating sweets. I can just envision her popping medical marijuana gummies all day…no, I think we will be staying away from those. Perhaps my next post will chronicle our trip to utopia (aka the dispensary).



Until next time, be well and TOKE/Take it one day at a time!

Happy 2019!

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