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What is SjoDry and Parched?

I’m glad that you asked. Being the old, tech-challenged woman that I am, I decided to teach myself how to B-L-O-G. Of course I didn’t want to embarrass myself in the industry in which I work full-time. So the obvious answer was to blog about a bothersome autoimmune illness that shares my body with me. 

I really wanted a way to reach other Sjoggies, so they would realize that they are not alone and that there is still life when one has Sjogren’s (Sho-Grins) Syndrome.

What I did not expect, was to fall in love with writing. I had no idea that it would be so therapeutic. By creating my writing website (Humor Me) & linking to some of my other writing, it is my hope that I will touch someone, and get better at my craft in the process.

Click below to visit my SjoDryandParched blog.