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So I’ve Got A Few Hang-ups..

Could It Be Too Many Clothes..Pfft

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Here it is..my first Pet Peeves blog post. We all have our own unique pet peeves.  To be clear, my random pet peeves don’t spend a lot of time occupying my time and attention. Yet, when they happen, they do annoy me..and garner the occasional snarling words of choice.

Clothes Hangers..The Bane Of My Existence

Messy hangers

Really? What does the bane of my existence even mean? I know that my mom said it a lot when I grew up. I figured out that whatever it meant, must be supremely negative from the exaggerated way that it left her lips. So I recently looked it up. According to one source, the word bane comes from the middle and old english bana-meaning destroyer or murderer. Geez, these clinking occupiers do annoy me..but I am not driven to murder. I could, however, be accused of consistent abuse from my rough woman-handling of my deliberate non-conformist hangers.  So what is it anyway that makes me so crazy about clothes hangers? It’s the predictable way (mostly at our house) that they get tangled up with each other. All I want to do is hang up a shirt or coat and I am suddenly sucked into the battle of a clothes hanger war. And it’s not just one or two. It’s as if they have sent out an alert to all of their kin folk to join the tug-o-war. Apparel is falling, hangers are being pulled in every direction, bad words are slipping from my mouth, and yes…the irritation is starting to come to a fast boil.


Perhaps my clothes hangers are rebelling at the location and manner in which they are forced to live. I will admit to providing excessively cramped quarters and a limited space for them to breathe. But the priority is obviously for these hangers to quietly do their jobs in their well-established  and designated ” small, current and big ” sized clothes sections. I suppose they could have issues of belongingness. You see, I have always prided myself on providing an inclusive closet with a variety of hanger-types. Clothes hangers don’t all need to look the same, and I think everyone should have a variety of colored hangers that can freely mix in different groups and not have to stay with their look-alike neighbors. Not only that, there should be no barriers to my hangers coming out of the closet or feeling any less-abled than their closet-mates. I believe in using coat hangers even if they have sustained a wire injury, been used for a car lock or two,  or become mis-shapened through the years.

bent coat hanger


 The Chosen Ones..

I’m not gonna lie…occasionally I come across someone’s impeccable closet which houses beautiful and orderly pastel hangers and their upscale satin cousins. They live in perfect spacing and could be featured in an HGTV closet feature. It’s not clear whether these gourmet closets were blessed with extra square footage or it has something more to do with their owner’s organizational skill sets.

At the end of the day and in the big scheme of life things that matter, my silly clothes hanger chaos is a problem of small magnitude.  I guess it can best be summed up in one sentence: “Oh what a tangled mess I weave, when only trying to hang a sleeve”.

If this is my biggest problem…well, you get it.



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