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Let The Euphoria Begin..

Medical Marijuana..Grandma’s A Raging Fan

the healing center outside view
The Dispensary AKA The Healing Center


So we did it. We made our way to the Medical Marijuana dispensary, aka The Healing Center. I am not sure what I thought the facility would be like..a little seedy looking? I apologize for that stereotype, but I’m being honest here. Perhaps it has to do with years of the demonization of marijuana as a terrible, addictive gateway drug to worse drugs. But I would be lying if I did not say that I was a bit apprehensive about the whole experience..at first. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised.



Senior Instruction – Medical Marijuana


behind the counter
Where the Medical Marijuana Is Purchased


The word that comes to mind, is professional. Wow. The facility was not only attractive and organized, I would actually go as far as to say that I found it to be upscale in decor. The staff was equally professional. We began by sitting in the waiting room waiting for our turn as we watched Cannabis TV. We focused on the dialogue of how the cannabis plant is a very useful and medicinal plant for many conditions, including arthritis. Mom leaned over and said, “Sandy, I have arthritis, maybe I need to get some of this stuff they’re talking about”. I smiled at her comment, noting that she was not making the connection as to why we were in this waiting room at all. She knew that we were coming to get her medical marijuana, but had no clue what this cannabis plant is that they are talking about on the tv.


cannabis tv
Cannabis TV

We had a consultation with a nice pharmacist who explained the various types of medical marijuana in it’s various forms. The pharmacist explained that they usually start seniors at a very low dose 1 to 1 mixture of CBD oil and THC. Mom told the pharmacist that she was a bit nervous to try this. The pharmacist reassured mom telling her that marijuana is a very safe plant.

We Got The Stash..All 2 Bottles Of It




I resisted the urge to rip off the bottle cap in the car and give mom a quick first dose. I mean afterall, even though she is getting this medication in a legal way, I do not want to find myself trying to explain to an officer why I have an open bottle of marijuana in the car.

Home Again, Home Again, Quick, Grab A Spoon



I discovered quickly that Mom would probably do a better job of adding drops from a dropper to a spoon & then taking the liquid that way. With that said, I watched as her shaky hand brought the spoon to her mouth as she took her first dose of the “hopefully” miracle pain killer.

Yes, Grandma’s A Raging Fan!


grandma cheerleader
A Raging Fan


It took only a dose or two to convince Grandma Fran that medical marijuana is the next best thing to chilled carrot cake. She began to rave about how her pain is gone and how well she is sleeping. Now as the primary caregiver of my mom, this was music to my ears. Of course, I am thrilled that she is feeling better..but that also means less requests of me to set up a doctor’s appointment for her because she feels so badly. I have noticed also, that her mood is more positive.

Grandma’s Feelin It


There’s Only One Issue Now..


the last drop


So fast forward a month or so. We have now been to the dispensary twice. I have learned a few things about my mom and medical marijuana. Mom is truly a raging fan and will tell anyone who will listen to her, about how great this medical marijuana is. She has scared me a time or two, only days after purchasing her medical marijuana, that she is almost out?? Yikes. I looked in the bottle and still saw the golden liquid..but could not help but wonder ..is she forgetting that she took the drops and re-taking them (more than directed)..could she be spilling drops with her shaky hand or is everything as it should be? The fact that she almost turned into a raging bear when she thought she was out of the medicine…may be my answer. Still monitoring this …but for now, Grandma ain’t complainin!

Until Next Time..

Pain Be Gone…